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We have heard a lot about the outstanding security environment in the beautiful state of Yucatán and how it differs from the rest of the country. At the international level it has been recognized for the climate of peace that the inhabitants enjoy, as well as the quality of life that exists in the capital of the Yucatecan State, but Mérida goes beyond a safe city, it has a history and cultural diversity very wide that is lived every day; abundant colonial churches dating from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, 19th century buildings and elegant old mansions influenced by all the opulence of the beautiful era. All of this is complemented by modern buildings by award-winning architects, new residential areas, museums, music events and renowned restaurants, making it a sophisticated city.


Mérida offers you a beautiful historic center, with corners full of memories and stories and on the other hand we have a sophisticated city in rapid commercial and housing growth, which within the cultural diversity that it offers to residents and tourists is to enjoy not only cenotes and beautiful beaches, but also works of art in galleries such as Galería Nahualli, Galería Urbana Mérida and the permanent exhibition of Filux, art museums such as the MACAY Museum, the Great Mayan Museum of the Mayan World and the outstanding Peon Contreras Theater that, in addition to being headquarters of great plays, it has the concerts offered by the international and renowned Yucatán Symphony, as well as the concerts offered by the Yucatán Quartet at the Palacio de la Música, and without overlooking the great unique culinary experience of which we will talk about 

A symbolic place in Mérida is Parque Las Américas, one of the liveliest places where the culture of encounters is promoted. "Las Américas" has the acoustic shell, the monumental fountain that was recently restored along with the children's area that make up the emblematic space that today is the main point of coexistence and enjoyment of Meridans and visitors. As an interesting piece of information and a figure provided by the Mérida city hall, Las Américas directly benefits 11,500 inhabitants.

Gran Museo maya en Mérida


Mérida an international cultural corner

Founded in 1542 and built on the ancient Mayan city of T´hó, it stands out for its extensive offer of cultural and artistic attractions, a colonial historical center with European architectural influence and an outstanding French style that we can admire in the houses of Paseo de Montejo , the most important avenue in the city.

The city is the most important distribution center for cultural tourism in the Yucatan Peninsula: with more than 5 thousand 919 rooms in hotels of all categories, congress and exhibition venues, more than 300 restaurants of all kinds of modalities and an extensive offer of cultural and tourist attractions.


Yucatán Symphony Orchestra with a spectacular and recently inaugurated season from September to December accompanied by the acclaimed Director Juan Carlos Lomónaco, having special guests the directors Piotr Sułkowski and Ramón Shade, Javier Camarena, one of the best opera interpreters in the world, among other guests, it is certainly a great way to enjoy music. Great guest soloists and conductors have left their mark on the memory of the public. So if you're around, let's experience the music of a spectacular new season together! Check it here for available dates.

Sala Art & Design Gallery is an exhibition space for Contemporary Art, permanently inviting the public to delve into the new proposals of national and international artists with a career, located on Calle 60 between 43 and 45 Centro Barrio de Santa Ana. it functions as a stage for "performance" and events such as presentations; It is one of the places in the city center to buy art and one of the most representative in Mérida. For those who cannot visit the physical room, it has a virtual gallery, with the collection "Vestigios de Nuestro Tiempos", by Romero, with nostalgic pieces from the 60's and 90's of Mexico.

Yucatán Quartet, it is also possible to enjoy a great evening at the modern Palacio de la Música - National Center of Mexican Music with the concerts that this great Quartet led by Maestro Christopher Collins, Nadezda Golubeva, Niko Di Mitro and Tim Myall, They will offer from the month of November in the splendid concert hall of the Palace of Music, where they will offer a new series of concerts interpreting the Slavic spirit of classical music.


The La Cúpula Cultural Center is a fully bilingual (Spanish / English) multidisciplinary art center with a vocation for international exchanges, attached to a historic monument in the historic center of the city of Mérida, Yucatán, in Mexico. Able to host a wide variety of artistic productions at its headquarters, this new art center is open to all contemporary disciplines. It has seven showrooms, a video room, a convivial space open to the public, a large garden with a performance space, a production workshop and two residences for artists.

La Cúpula currently works with different public and private entities: The Ministry of Culture and the Arts of the State of Yucatán, the International Festival of Lights in Mexico, the Merida International Brass Festival, the Tomoko Mukaiyama Foundation, the Netherlands, the Japan Foundation. in Mexico, the French Alliance of Mérida, the Pays de la Loire Regional Contemporary Art Fund, France and the A3-art Association, France

The Nahualli Gallery is known for being a gallery of Mexican Art located in an old restored 17th century mansion, in the Historic Center of the city of Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico. It offers an extensive collection of art: large-format paintings, drawings, engravings and sculptures designed by the prestigious plastic artists Melva Medina, Abel Vázquez and the young artistic promise Alma Citlali. They provide advice to collectors, decorators and architects.

The Gallery was born in 2005, and each one of the pieces of art has given the possibility of opening their doors to the public to share them; Nahualli has participated in countless events in the city and has managed to position itself as one of the most important cultural centers in Mérida. If you want to purchase a piece, it has an online store where you can see the original works available, each with the personalized certification of each piece.
Galeria de arte en Mérida

Le Cirque Art Gallery and Cultural Center, is a multidisciplinary space in which the visual arts are combined with the other disciplines of art, located in the historic neighborhood of Santiago. Space predominantly for the visual arts, but also accommodates the performing arts, literature, music and dance.

Filux Lab is an independent space based in the city of Mérida, Yucatán with the mission of promoting the sense of artistic community where different universes converge around light.

If you like contemporary art, be sure to visit Lux Perpetua Art Center, a modern and contemporary art gallery located in the old Itzimná neighborhood of the city of Mérida, Yucatán. It features works by different artists and techniques, as well as a wide selection of graphic work. Another gallery that offers pieces of contemporary art is SoHo GALLERIES, currently featuring the MEXARTE exhibition by Juan Carlos Breceda, a Mexican artist whose works truly reflect the warmth of the Mexican people.

LAGALÁ 56 "A place to meet and enjoy living" is a center focused on culture and the arts. It is a meeting point that proposes to live, feel, perceive and experience art in all its forms. There are five areas that make it up: art gallery, terrace, workroom, restaurant and boutique. The project was born with a clear intention: to promote a multicultural dialogue in the city. LAGALÁ maintains a global perspective and induces us on a journey of exploration through the senses through the analysis of contemporary culture.

UNIQUE CULINARY EXPERIENCE, the gastronomy of Mérida is renewed at every moment, always preserving its traditional essence.

Traditional Yucatecan food is based on the ancestral knowledge of the Mayan peoples, who combined the Spanish tradition with the preparation of different foods. The rich Mayan past and abundance of creative ingredients and crafts are a little-kept secret discovered by those seeking the gastronomic experience.

In Mérida you will find endless options to enjoy a spectacular gastronomy including specialty restaurants with renowned avant-garde chefs, one of the great pioneers in the avant-garde of Mexican cuisine is the chef Roberto Solís who obtained the Recognition for the Diversification of the Mexican Tourism Product 2020; Pedro Evia, author of contemporary Yucatecan cuisine winner of a Gourmet Awards Winner in 2013; Elías Vidal winner of the Gourmet Reader’s Choice Award 2019 Mexico; Christian Bravo who has an impressive resume has been invited to the Mexican cuisine festival in Brussels, the Latin American Flavors at the Culinary Institute of America and the Mexican Banquet at El Palais de la Bourse in Paris.

MICAELA MAR Y TIERRA restaurante en MéridaMICAELA MAR Y TIERRA restaurante en MéridaFoto:

Learn about the various culinary proposals that you will find in Mérida:

K´u´uk aims to offer an experience through cooking with modern techniques but showing what Yucatán has in terms of product and tradition. We use techniques such as pibil, combined with other more current techniques. Each dish is personal and tries to tell its own story, of the people of the country, of the men of the sea ... "

 At Micaela Mar y Leña you can find a wide variety of dishes such as molotes, duck tamale, mulatto rice or wood-fired octopus, an emblematic dish of the place. “It is not a 100% Yucatecan concept because it is not. It is cuisine based on ingredients from the sea, local and the whole philosophy of the kitchen has always been how to eat at home, which is a family meal, which are usually large portions at the center to share ”.

Nectar seasonal ingredients keep the menu interesting, with a shifting definition of what is regional and what is contemporary. At Nectar, technique counts and method is what makes the difference between a typical dish and the interpretation of one.

San Bravo is an innovative concept in Mérida that offers seafood & steakhouse in a sophisticated environment where architecture and a very avant-garde style stand out. San Bravo has different areas making it the perfect place for a family meal, romantic date or business dinner. In addition, they have a room for 90 people where any type of business event or celebration can be held.

The list is long and it would take us several blog articles to describe all the corners that this great city offers, as you can see, Mérida is not only a safe place, when talking about this great city we have quality of life, great gastronomy, a rich cultural life for all ages, tastes and types of art that it offers with great cultural centers and art galleries, as well as magnificent real estate developments in the city and on the coast a short distance away. Contact us, at Balam Group Real Estate, we are ready to advise you and find the property of your dreams in this great city.

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