How to Evaluate Property Appreciation?

Real estate investment is one of the safest and most profitable ways to invest. One of the key considerations when buying, selling, or investing in properties is appreciation. In this article, we will explore what appreciation is, the factors that influence it, and how you can effectively evaluate it.

What is Real Estate Crowdfunding?

Real estate crowdfunding is a revolutionary form of investment that has disrupted the world of real estate worldwide. Unlike traditional property investment, real estate crowdfunding allows individual investors to participate in high-value real estate projects without the need to purchase an entire property.

In Merida, 4 markets and organic product stores.


Staycation, a new trend to enjoy your city

Over the past decade, the staycation or stay-at-home trend has gained popularity among travelers looking for a more affordable and relaxing alternative to their vacation. Instead of planning a trip abroad or to another city, they choose to stay home and explore their local city, relax at home, or do outdoor activities. Here we present some ideas to enjoy a staycation in Yucatan, a State that has it all!

Petfriendly in Merida Yucatan

A few years ago, it seemed unlikely that an establishment could have a water dish or a station to temporarily leave the pet. Currently the animals that live with us at home are part of our family, and we consider them true members of the family unit.

For thousands of years, human beings have developed a fraternal relationship with different animal species, sometimes to benefit from their abilities and, in many others, simply to enjoy their company. This has changed and from being the best of friends they are now part of the family.

How to buy a property on the beaches of Yucatan

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Today we want to inform you about the Restricted Zone Trust, the means for all foreigners interested in investing in real estate in Mexico in the Restricted Zone. If you are planning to buy a property in Mexico, either to live in or for your retirement, to come on vacation or to invest, this information is for you.

What is the Restricted Zone?

In accordance with article 27, section I of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, foreigners are prevented from acquiring direct ownership of land and water in an area that is 100 kilometers from the borders and 50 km from the coastline, the use and enjoyment of real estate located within this restricted area is only allowed, through the constitution of a trust, in accordance with the Second Title of the Foreign Investment Law.

Find out Why the Yucatan is the safest state in Mexico

This is the question most frequently asked by our clients and friends interested in moving or investing in Yucatán, and as real estate advisers focused on helping you have the best experience when buying the home of your dreams or investing looking for the best benefit, we want to provide you with information valuable to solve your doubts and help you in the process. Keep reading and know the answer!

Why Merida and Why Now!

Merida, located in the southeast region of Mexico, is the capital of the state of Yucatan. Far less known than Cancun and Playa del Carmen which are only a 3 hour drive from Merida, but in the last decade Merida has grown significantly and with a strong purpose of middle to high end residencial projects at a much more affordable price compared to Cancun and Playa Del Carmen.
I am an expat and have been living here for 12 years now. One of the many great things I enjoy about living in Merida is to be able to enjoy a variety of activities within short distances from the city. We have a beautiful coast here, the Mexican Gulf. Merida is only 20 mins from the beach, and they are a variety of beaches for all types of beach days. You can go to Progreso, where they are bars and restaurants right on the water, or to Telchac and enjoy a private and relaxing beach day. You can visit Celestun to see the sea birds and enjoy a great meal on the water.

Do you know the activities you can enjoy on Yucatan beaches?

If the answer is no, keep reading ... and discover the unmissable activities that are available on the beach in this fabulous state. The Yucatan peninsula is a privileged place, since it has a rich culture whose center is the Mayan civilization, and also influenced by the Spanish. Yucatan has a wide and delicious gastronomy that you cannot miss and is distinguished by the fact that the city of Mérida is among the best places to live in this country and just 30 minutes from the best beaches in Mexico!


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