Merida, the White City thriving again.

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At the turn of the nineteenth century Merida was considered one of the most important cities in the world. At one time it had the highest number of weathly people per capita than any other city. The wealth and prosperity was due primarily to the Sisal industry which was used to produce rope for ships mostly. After the Sisal industry had a downfall, Merida began to be forgotten by the rest of the world. 

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Now in 2019 Merida is again getting to be in the spot light, due to its secure and high quality living. Before thought as a retirement destination for people looking to escape high property costs and living costs in the USA or Canada, now a lot of younger couples with families are moving here to experience the new and modern Merida. Photo: Mark Deines.


A6_2178Merida has an attractive night life for younger couples. Merida Centro is full of nice new small bars with innovative drink and food menus. Places like La Negrita in Centro, old cantina bar that has been redone and now features live music and mezcal. Also in the north of the city, they is a really elegant bar scene.  Foto de Zona Turística.


Merida is a great place to raise younger children as well. There are excellent private bi lingual schools here and that are a fraction of the price of private schools in the USA. Plus Merida has numerous parks and activities for families to enjoy and the beach is very close to go any given afternoon and watch the sunset.   


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There are many affordable places to rent in Merida as well. Private neighborhoods with amenities like swimming pools, parks, tennis courts, gym, security. At Balam Group Real Estate we provide and help to find the ideal house within the budget you have. We do an excellent job explaining and helping our clients through their transition here. Please visit our website or contact us. 


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