9 Tips Before Building your home in Mérida Yucatan

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In the this short article we try and give some 9 basic tips to consider before building your home in Merida Yucatan. 

First of all you have to be sure to want to be in involved in the work because your participation will be fundamental in the decision making process. Also important to remember there is no perfect construction, there will always be details and unforeseen issues. The best we can do is to help prevent as much and as early as we can with any issues and be prepared to deal with issues as they come along.  We hope this tips are helpful for you before you start the work on your project. 

1. Everything is in the planning: This is a fundamental rule. Building a new home is usually a large sacrifice of your savings and earnings, and you want to be well prepared before starting the build. Plan your finances and getting a payment plan prepared for the construction and the project and important not to stretch yourself to too thin in the beginning. Better to aim for a lower budget in the beginning to make sure that you are not surprised at the end.

2. The land; make sure to check that the lot has the correct measurements and if possible that it is properly marked. Also make sure that the project is viable in the lot. Meaning that the type of house and size of house is possible in the land you have.  



3. Project; creating extensive and detailed architectural plans is crucial to properly getting the best result and creating the best plan of construction and payments. Also if you are going to build in stages always build with a final project in mind so that way later on you do not have to move installations, which is not only a headache but also costly. 

4. Be careful with changes to the project after you begin. It can lead to exceeding your initial budget. Also before you start make sure you prepare to pay at least 30% more just to be safe. Almost every construction project will run over budget because of changes and sometimes unforeseen issues. Better to prepare instead having to stop or find some source of financing to finish. 

5. Do not forgot to budget for and design your outside and garden area. Often people concentrate on the interior finishes and design and leave the garden as an after thought. But the outside adds a lot of harmony, value and look to your property. Plus it gives a great appeal. 


6. Security; it is important to feel safe and secure in your home. Make sure to plan for outside security lights, alarm systems and protectors for your windows in some designs. 

7. Details; the little details of a home make a large difference, small architectural finishes. Good lighting plan for the interior and exterior. Try to make comfortable but also interesting spaces to live in. 

8. New Technologies; there are many new products and technologies that are being used in construction that help your home to be both more efficient and better suited to withstand the natural elements. 

9. Leave the Project in the Hand of the Professionals. Building a home is a complicated process and requieres balancing and scheduling and many different parts and pieces. Best to leave in the hand of the professionals. Also when you go to hire a company make sure to set a contract with detail budget and payment plan. 


At Balam Group Construction we have a professional team of builders, designers, engineers to make the process smooth and as enjoyable as possible. 


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Gregory Hokenson

Escrito por Gregory Hokenson

Socio fundador de Balam Group, nació en New Jersey, EUA. Vive en Mérida desde 2008, ha participado en varios proyectos de construcción y restauración de casas antiguas en el centro histórico de la ciudad y actualmente colabora en proyectos residenciales.


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